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Novocolor Buys Corporate Gifts To Match Groups Sustainable Pathway

Here at Just Utensils, we are always excited to see a large reusable cutlery order come through.... when we get a large order from a brand that aligns with our purpose we can't help but get on the phone to learn more about what they do.

We spoke to Novocolor Australia's Director, Caroline Jamieson, to learn more about the stance the global company has taken.

Tell Us About Novacolours Sustainable Ambitions? "The scarcity of the planet`s resources determines new strategies in industrial production, in which the word sustainability plays an increasingly important role. As a global organisation, we need to be looking at what kind of impact our product has on the environment and look at ways to minimise this.

From a business perspective, we also need to align with the needs of the modern architects and builders who are on the hunt for products that don't just look good but have a minimal impact on the environment."

So what made you choose the Just Utensils Reusable Cutlery Set?

"After hearing about your product from Morgan (Just Utensils Partner/Owner Final Finish Rendering) we loved the concept and thought they would be a perfect addition to the product information packs that get sent to Architects and Interior designers.

The purpose the reusable cutlery sets serve align with our sustainability goals and are a great gift for architects and designers who are always on the road, the feedback has been great so far, everyone seems to be loving them"

- Caroline Jamieson (Director Novacolor Australia)

To learn more about how we can help you implement custom branded utensils sets for your organisation,

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