The Just Utensils Reusable Cooking Mat is perfect for the oven or microwave. Cook items using less oil and get a much more even heat distribution on all your bakes, grills or roasts. No need to waste anymore baking paper as these mats can be reused many times over.


Heats quickly and evenly. Dual function non-stick surface allows easy removal of delicate bakes without greasing.


Doubles as a non-slip non-stick surface for kneading or rolling.


The mats are 30 x 40cm which is perfect for a standard tray and oven.

Reusable Cooking Mat

  • These mats are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

    Cooking temperature should not exceed 260 degrees. Some colour changes may occure with continous use.

    The mats can be recycled. Check your local council for silicone recycling.